COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

Coronavirus (COVID-19) India Dashboard

+86961 New Confirmed
5487580 Total Confirmed
+1130 New Deaths
87882 Total Deaths
+93356 New Recovered
4396399 Total Recovered

Coronavirus (COVID-19) World Dashboard

+241105 New Confirmed
31016799 Total Confirmed
+3696 New Deaths
960634 Total Deaths
+235895 New Recovered
21249324 Total Recovered

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Map

About this data

It changes rapidly
This data changes rapidly and might not reflect some cases still being reported.
It only includes people tested
Cases only include people who were tested and confirmed positive. Testing rules and availability vary by country. Some areas may not have data because they haven’t published their data or haven’t done so recently.
It comes from Wikipedia
Data comes from Wikipedia, and cases are constantly updated from resources around the world. Daily situation reports are also available on the World Health Organisation site.
Why do I see different data from different sources?
There are various sources that are tracking and aggregating coronavirus data. They update at different times and may have different ways of gathering data.

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