Meet one of our Fashion Intern, Akarshi Srivastava – “A Wanderlust”


First Cry: 03/07/1999 | First Home: Mumbai
Currently: Final year Fashion Designing student at Amity University, Mumbai

We asked Akarshi questions related to her life and life at Kohli. Look at her interesting replies:

What do you like to do in your leisure time?

~ I love illustrating, crocheting, blogging, upcycling old clothes and photography. I am Passionate about giving old fashion clothes that we normally discard a second chance and turning them into something trendy to help reduce waste.

What do you blog about?

~ During my college days, there was some college assignment with which I fell in love with and developed that into my hobby. *smiles* I blog related to new fashion trends, I have my page where I do all blogging stuff, I also review skincare products and much more.

And what do you illustrate about?

~ It’s related to fashion only, some quirky designs, modern art pictures.

You also mentioned photography, which kind of pictures do you take?

~ Nature, I love nature, skies, anything related to nature. If you love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.

What are your future goals?

~ I see myself as working in some luxury business, yes luxury business!!! like Gucci, Chanel and many more. I’m also planning to do my master’s degree in Fashion Luxury.

A Fashion Designer you follow or want to work with?

~ It’s my dream to work with Masaba Gupta. I relate to her work, and my work is a lot similar to her work, like quirky art and all. She recently launched her luxury collection. So, I would love to work with her. *daydreaming*

What’s an accomplishment you are most proud of?

~ I would say Personal Transformation, When I look at 16 years old me and now, I’m way much better now like intellectually superior, self-realizations, groomed myself, and more Happier and I’m really proud of myself for this transformation.

What would you do if you won a lottery?

~ Umm haha i’m not winning any but it will depend on a amount

What if it’s 1 crore?

~ Damn!!! Then I would love to buy a house in California, near the beach. I love beaches man. If I left with some money, then I will invest though I won’t be left with many *laughs*

Favourite Cuisine?

~ I love Chinese a lot. Like I can eat it any time of a day, breakfast, dinner, lunch I mean anytime!!! And not the desi Chinese, the authentic Chinese food.

Favourite genre of movie?

~ I love watching movies where the female lead plays a bold character, like Birds of Prey. I really enjoy and love watching this type of movie.

If you get a chance to invite two guests for dinner, one a celebrity and one anyone from Kohli Company, whom you will invite?

~ The celebrity has to be Ariana Grande, she is my favourite singer. It would be a dream come true to have dinner with her. And from the Kohli company, I would like to invite you, such a fun-loving person you are like I am loving this conversation with you right now.

So, last but not the least, how is your experience working at Kohli Company, and what thing do you like most here?

~It’s been a month since I joined, the thing I like most is that I can give my ideas, I can use my creative skills fully by working here. Also, it’s flexible and has no specific deadlines. Overall, I enjoy working here.

Anything else about yourself?

~ I would say I am a planner. Like a very huge planner. There isn’t a single day where I don’t plan. I just can’t go with the flow. I need planning in everything, everything task.

~ Apart from being sincere *smiles*, I like to actively participate in different types of activities since school time. I like to try different and new things. So yeah that’s it.

Interviewed by Aarushi Grover

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