Let’s Encrypt Revoked 3 Million SSL Certificates

Let’s Encrypt Revoked 3 Million SSL Certificates on March 4

The world’s leading FREE SSL provider announces that millions of certificates are being revoked due to a bug they discovered days ago — giving subscribers potentially only hours to respond

Let’s Encrypt – the world-leading Free SSL Certificate authority (CA), has announced that it will revoke more than 3 million SSL/TLS Certificate by 4th March 2020. The cause of the revocation is a bug which was discovered by Let’s Encrypt.

Lets Encrypt confirmed that a bug in Boulder ignored CAA Checks in a forum post on 29th February 2020. However, this news barely gave time to their user to react to it.

So, why is Let’s Encrypt revoking these certificates and what does the website owner have to do with an affected certificate from Let’s Encrypt.

What options do the users of Let’s Encrypt certificate have?

Step 1: Check the Certificate

The website owner or webmasters or system administrators having Lets Encrypt SSL Certificate can use the tool to verify if their certificate is been impacted or not by simply entering the domain name. They can also visit this page which hosts the list of affected serial numbers.

Step 2: Renew the Certificate

Once you have determined that you are using the impacted Let’s Encrypt certificate, the next step for you is to renew the certificate. Users can renew the certificate either from a Trusted Certificate Authority or go for a Free untrusted SSL Certificate Authority.

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