DLT Registration


TRAI has asked to stop unregistered entities and their header (SenderID) traffic post lockdown.

Registration of Entity and their respective header (Sender ID) need to be completed by 31st May 2020 via the DLT Portal. Post this date, traffic of only such registered entities using headers would be allowed via all the networks.

TRAI’s BlockChain Technology (DLT) Registatrion is now compulsory – Regulatory had released DLT Registration process and accordingly we need to follow:-

  • TRAI (Telecom Regulatory Authority of India) had released The Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulations, 2018 (TCCCPR) on 19th July 2018.
  • We at Kohli Connect are taking various measures to offer regulatory compliant solutions inline with TRAI vision to create a cleaner and more transparent system.
  • With this communication, we want to inform you about the multiple phases for implementing the above Regulation which mandated the use of Blockchain technology also known as Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to implement the solution.
  • Operators have already implemented the DLT system. The first phase of the regulation focused on registering all Entity/Enterprise on the new platform. Kohli Connect is already registered as Telemarketer on the Operator’s DLT platform and we need you to proactively engage in this and register as Principle Entity (Enterprise) to comply with the new regulation.
  • Click to Download – TRAI New Regulation (TCCCPR)

All our existing and new customers must register to continue using bulk SMS services (Transactional & Promotional) in India.

How to Register on DLT Platform?

To Register on DLT platform you need to choose the correct type, there are two type of DLT registration one is Entity Registration and another is Telemarketer Registration:

DLT Registration As Entity

A business unit, company legally recognized institution or person engaged in business or service who would like to send Communication to Customers intended recipients through SMS or Voice call through a Register Telemarketer. Following are the (DLT Registration) Entity Registration Links on different Operators:-

DLT Registration As Telemarketer

A Legal Entity or Person, who on behalf of entity or entities is connected with Telecom Service Provider directly or indirectly for the purpose of Aggregation or Delivery or both for SMS or Voice communication. Following are the (DLT Registration) Telemarketer Registration Links on different Operators:-

Points to Remember while Registering

  • We are using Multi Operator connectivity like Airtel, BSNL, Videocon, Tata, MTNL, Vodafone, etc. then all our users have to register on all these Operator’s DLT Platform. We, KohliConnect has registered as Telemarketer on all these Operator’s DLT Platform.
  • Please note while registering please select Kohli Media LLP (Kohli Connect) Telemarketer which is available on DLT as Kohli Connect Unique Registration ID 1202159074308587647
  • In case, you have already done registration with any other Telemarketer on the Operator DLT platform then you just need to select Kohli Connect Unique Registration ID 1202159074308587647

We request you to be Ready with

  • Your Business KYC Documents (Such as PAN, GST Certificate, Incorporation Certificate, Authorised Person PAN, Authorised Person Aadhaar, Letter of Authorization, etc)
  • ₹5,000 + 18% GST (Non-Refundable Fee) has to be paid to any ONE Mobile Operator out of Videocon, Airtel, Tata, MTNL, BSNL and Vodafone. Upon registration, a Unique Entity ID will be allotted to the Business User which can be used to link with the remaining operators as well, for FREE.

Note: If you fail to register and your account is terminated, then NO REFUND will be encouraged. Kindly register as Entity or use all your SMS before the Mentioned Date to avoid the loss.

We will keep you informed with more details in the next communication via this blog and also through email.

In case of any queries or registration help, feel free to contact to us at kc@kohli.tel or +91-8566008788.

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