Meet Inul – “A Taekwondoin”


First Cry: 17/6/1999 | First Home: Tamil Nadu
Currently: Pursuing MBA in Apparel Management under Central University

We asked Inul questions related to her life and life at Kohli. Look at her interesting replies:

What are your Future goals?

~ Umm I’m not really a planner, I’m not sure but I really want to start my own brand or I wanna go into event management.

What do you draw, like something specific?

~ Not anything specific. I make anything I like just depending on my mood.

As you love travelling, so beaches or mountains, why?

~ Both. I love both of them. I travel around the world.

Which is your most favorite place that you’ve visited?

~ There are many such places ahh tough one. If I have to, then I’ll choose Rameshwaram, it’s on Pamban Island. It’s such a beautiful place man, I love to go there again and again, I will never get bored of that place. Also, I want to go to Ladakh, on a bike.

Which sports are you into ?

~ I love sports. I am a Taekwondo player. I have won 10-12 medals at state and as well as district-level combined. Also, I play the shuttle. I want to play Taekwondo again, but I can’t. I’m not able to practice as well these days.

A fashion designer or brand you follow?

~ I’ve recently started following this person. I love his work so much man, It’s Gaurav Gupta.

  Any Bollywood fashion designer you love to work with?

~ Yeah, Everyone’s favourite and most trendy one Manish Malhotra *laughs*

What accomplishment or anything you are proud of?

~ I’m proud of being a daughter to my parents. When they gave birth to us (Me and My Twin). They were sad because they wanted a boy.  Everyone had asked them sinfully, how are you gonna raise four daughters? My mom had broken apart. But they didn’t give up on us. They raised four of us in a very good manner and independently.  Now people are asking surprisingly, how good and bravely you raised your daughters?  And telling my parents that you raised your daughters like sons. Whenever people say that I am very happy, proud, and blessed to be their child.

What would you do if you won a lottery?

~ Firstly, I’ll start my own brand. Secondly, I’ll buy a biggggg home because we have four daughters. Thirdly, I’ll help as many poor needy people as I can. That’s my motto!! *smiles*

Favorite cuisine?

~ First of all, I’m a chai lover… When it comes to food I like Schezwan Noodles and Briyani. 

Favourite movie?

~ I mostly watch Tamil movies. And the most favourite one is Varanam Ayiram.

If you get a chance to invite two guests for dinner, one a celebrity and one anyone from Kohli Company, whom you will invite?

~ The celebrity I want to invite will be, Badshah of Bollywood, my most favourite actor, Shah Rukh Khan. It would be a dream come true moment for me. And from Kohli, I would love to invite you. You are a great person to talk with, I was very nervous when you called me but now I am not. 

So, last but not the least, how is your experience working at Kohli Company, and what thing you like most here?

~ Umm, firstly I was very scared. Because I didn’t know anything about Work-from-home. I left my internship within a few days. Then, I joined again. It’s a very flexible internship. I can work anytime. People are also very good over here.

Anything else about you?

~ I’m a twinnie and a fashion designer who draws and designs well with managing skills.  I love to travel and explore the world. I like to make myself busy every day.  I’m a short girl. I don’t feel sad for that because being shorter is cuter,  everyone will treat you like kiddo but you are not.  I’m a friendly crazy person. Life is short so start doing adventures that will make you who you are.

~ Apart from being sincere *smiles*, I like to actively participate in different types of activities since school time. I like to try different and new things. So yeah that’s it.

Interviewed by Aarushi Grover

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