Meet one of our HR Intern NANCY – an “Artist”


First Cry: 09/11/2000 | First Home: Gwalior
Currently: 3rd year B.Tech student at MITS, Gwalior

We asked Nancy questions related to her life and life at Kohli. Look at her interesting replies:

What do you like to do in your leisure time?

~ I’m an artistic person, I like to do manual designing, I like to make Mandala art, zentangle art and doodling. Also, I have my Instagram art page. You can follow. *winks*

What do you doodle about?

~ Umm, anything, let it be any illustrations, or something related to the nearby festivals. Just tell me anything I’ll doodle it. *laughs*

So, You are a student, right?

~ Yeah, in electronics and communication.

That’s cool, future engineer, you’re from a technical background, why are you doing an internship in Human Resources(HR)?

~ Haha, Engineer. Actually, I’ve done technical internships and stuff a lot in my college life, I want to try my hands in different fields, now. So yeah, HR seemed good to me. 

Okay, so you must be familiar with Rangoli making jokes and memes around Diwali time or generally as well, on HR persons. What’s your take on that? 

~ Haha, Nice question dude!! but your question hurts me. Can we move on to the next question. *laughs*. Uselessly HR persons are scandalized. But jokes and memes are part of life so all cool man!

How would your best friend describe you?

~ Umm, they would probably say that I’m a very serious person, like no mazak-masti, a sincere one of the group. Like it doesn’t mean I don’t do mazak-masti, but i’ve my limits. *smiles*

What’s an accomplishment you are most proud of?

~ I was a house captain in my school days. I’m gonna cherish that forever and will always be proud to be one. Also, I’ve won essay writing competitions at inter-school level, so ya.

What would you do if you won a lottery?

~ Haha lottery I wish, I’m not winning it any though but if I win it, I will probably invest some amount, then rest of them partyyyyyyy yeah!!! *laughs*

Favorite cuisine?

~Damn, I’m a big foodie, I love all types of street food, everything junk lol, and Pav Bhaji and ChowMein tops my list!!!

Favourite movie of all time?

~ I’m a Bollywood freak. All time favourite has to be 3 Idiots (engineer you know), and one more favourite which one shouldn’t watch with parents *laughs* That is Baghban. These two are my favourites.

So, everyone has some type of stress in their life, how do you overcome your stress?

~ Ya, stress is part of our lives. I listen to music, it helps. And being a Bollywood freak I listen to Bollywood music. Not sad songs though. *Dhinchak wale*

If you get a chance to invite two guests for dinner, one a celebrity and one anyone from Kohli company, whom you will invite?

~ Damnnn nice question, I would probably invite Hrithik Roshan, he is my favourite actor, and his dance makes me go uffff!!! And from the Kohli company, I would like to invite Sanjana, my co-HR intern. She is very nice and friendly. So, I’ll be pleased to invite both of them.

So, last but not the least, how is your experience working at Kohli company, and what thing you like most here?

~ First thing, there is no pressure of work and no burden. It’s very flexible, and I can manage easily with my college. I’ve joined recently and I can say I have a wonderful experience so far. 

Anything else about yourself?

~ Apart from being sincere *smiles*, I like to actively participate in different types of activities since school time. I like to try different and new things. So yeah that’s it.

Interviewed by Aarushi Grover

Have a Glimpse at Nancy’s Wonderful Artwork!

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